A Song of Ice, Fire, and Elvers

Session 4: Negotiations in Port Maril

Jacob Stone sets up a meeting with the council to establish his new position as lord of the town, and direct some new improvements to the tower and the port. Sebastyan disguises himself and sneaks around town, looking for information about the council members. Rory Elvers drinks. On the day of negotiations, Jacob interviews each council member and makes some alliances. Negotiations look bad until a good Intrigue check and a burned destiny point turns things around. The council submits to Jacob’s authority and will support his improvements, while eliminating support for pirates and bandits.

Council members

Robert Garrys – former pirate captain
Danielle Tayle – Madam and owner of the Black Mermaid inn.
Harold Raris – Shipwright. Non-criminal.
Edwin Manester – Captain of the watch. About to be replaced.
Short Tom Tinker – owns provision shop/fence
Cecily Cooper – bandit leader. Left town.
Privateer captains Hewis Sand and Karl Lophand
Garwin Stackspear – Mercenary captain. Living under an alias.
Oberyn Haye – acting Septon. Crazed.
Harrold Stackspear – Portmaster and treasurer. Maimed leg.
Rhae Jast – owner of Tall Man Tavern.

After the meeting, Gawin Stackspear discusses connections with the Elvers and the Blackfyres. Gawin pledges his mercenary band’s service to Jacob.

As the party returns to Elver Hall, they encounter a column of House Bartheld troops under Ser Rowan Clay. They are searching for a pro-Targaryen fugitive named Ser Mikael Marsten. The description seems to fit Gawin Stackspear’s. Sebastyen sneaks back and warns Gawin. Ser Clay searches to no avail and leaves, annoyed with Jacob.


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