A Song of Ice, Fire, and Elvers

Session 3: The Tall Man and a trip to Port Maril

As a gift from Lord Hoster Tully, the town of Port Maril is transferred to Elver control. Word has also spread of a murdered farmer at the hands of a bandit. Meanwhile, Lord Elver has been injured in a fall from his horse, and someone seems to be poisoning pigs.

It is decided the bandit will be dealt with first. After traveling to the Folly, farmers suggest the killing was carried out by the mythical “Tall Man,” a kind of justice seeking tree spirit. It is decided that the House will not interfere. Also, a discovery at the Folly suggests the Elvers are related to the Blackfyre line, a cadet house of the Targaryens. Legend has it the mad king Aegon IV legitimized all the Blackfyre bastards on his deathbed. 2 pieces of dragonglass carved to look like candles and a dragon’s tooth are also discovered. Armen finds and keeps a dragon talon. The party returns to Elver Hall.

As our heroes prepare to deal with the new port, Lord Elver narrowly avoids ingesting poisonous pig meat. He reacts with suspicion toward his son. Lord Wesley and confiscates everything discovered at the Folly.

The Jacob Stone is put in charge of the expedition to Port Maril. Upon arrival, the party discovers a town full of pirates, prostitutes, and other criminals. A meeting with the Portmaster and the rest of the town council is arranged, to be held just outside of town on the other end of the causeway.


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