Rory Elvers

Elvers cousin


Rory Elvers is the eldest son of Oryn Elvers and Lady Yanna Elvers. He father is Lord Wesley Elvers younger brother. While a skilled warrior Rory has very little ambition for such pursuits. Sometimes deep in his cups he will relate having his horse shot out from under him on four occasions and having killed far more peasants than “worthy foes”. This left a distaste in his mouth for what some call “glory”, not do to any concern over the loss of life, simply due to how much work you have to put in before you can get to the good stuff. He was inattentive at best in his studies, but thankfully blessed with a reasonable amount of charm and can be quite personable when the mood hits him. While he is not overly devout he does hold some reverence for the divines. Politically, he has little use for the Baratheon king, he considers him to have been a fine warrior who has gone to shit under the crown, thou he mostly keeps his council to himself. While he wears the trappings of a warrior well he would much rather draw another glass of wine than his sword.

The torrid affair in his background occurred between him and a Lannister knight, while not unheard of in the realm they were less than subtle in the relationship. While of little matter in his case being comparatively low born it was not so for the Lannister in question who was destined to solidify that houses power with a marriage. The scandal was such that it was talked about in some circles at length despite the war being on. His sense of duty was instilled in him at a young age. He is unquestionably loyal to his family, even if he lacks the drive to advance there cause when opportunities may present themselves. He is greedy, something that is commonly associated with the Elver house; but he is uncharacteristically lavish in his appearance, fine armor and weapons and the latest in clothes and accessories. He not only wants to “get what is his due” he is also a big comsumer of the finer things in life. And underneath all that is a cruel streak a mile wide, due in part to his father, a man whose cruelty is legendary. He has on occasion during the war and in his dealings with the small folk proved again and again that he is not someone to be on the wrong side of. The small folk at Elver Manor live in fear of his crop. His chastity stems from not finding anyone worth his attention and being to proud to stump about.

Rory Elvers

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