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Notable houses of the Riverlands

House Tully
Lord Hoster Tully
Edmure Tully is now the acting head of the Tully household, as Lord Hoster is seriously ill.

House Elvers
Lord Wesley Elvers

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House Barnell
Lord Tomas Barnell
A young house, created in the aftermath of Robert’s Rebellion. Stark vassal.

House Dulver
Lord Harald Dulver
Located in the mountains. Lord Harald, nicknamed the Vulture of Dulver, is reputed to have 2 of everything in his storehouses. Lannister vassal.

House Bartheld
Lord Davain Bartheld
Once a favorite of King Robert, House Bartheld has recently fallen from prominence due to a scandal. Baratheon vassal.

House Marsten
Lady Isobel Marsten
A once proud house, faltering under recent cruel circumstances. Arryn vassal.

House Tullison
Lord Dunstan Tullison
Frequently at odds with House Dulver. Tully vassal.

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