A Song of Ice, Fire, and Elvers

Session 5: Take The Black, Trenton.

The party returns from Port Maril to find Lord Wesley waiting at the gate with many of his guard. Trenton is escorted away, then the group is asked for a brief summary of the events in Port Maril. After the meeting, word spreads quickly that young Trenton had poison in his room, and will take the Black.
As the group gathers for the evening meal, Armen notices a disturbance in the kitchens. He investigates, and hears the cook complaining about Mot the scullery boy, who has been interfering with her job.
Armen joins the evening meal and divulges what he’s heard, and suggests to Jacob that the food may have been tampered with. Lord Wesley scoffs, saying the poisoner has already been found. Jacob consumes all of his father’s stew, and immediately feels ill. Sebastyan administers aid to Jacob as the rest of the group searches for Mot. Rory searches the road between Elver Hall and Port Maril, to no avail. Armen discovers some letters apparently left behind by Mot, implicating Lady Isobel Marsten in the poison plot. Sebastyan examines the letters and concludes they are forgeries.
Jacob, Armen, Rory, and Sebastyan set out for Marsten castle, where they meet with a confused Lady Isobel. She calls upon her spiritual advisor, Bleak Ormond, who is nowhere to be found. Bleak Ormond is apparently a devotee of the Drowned God, and purported to have an ability to speak with the dead. During the exchange with Lady Isobel, Armen makes a comment about Lady Corrine, they young Marsten heir. When Lady Isobel reacts with dismay, Armen realizes Lady Corrine may be descended from someone other than the late Lord of Marsten… but he can’t quite figure who the father could be. Rory tracks Bleak Ormond with dogs, but the trail ends at the shoreline. Sebastyan finds paper in Bleak Ormond’s chambers matching the letters.
That night, Armen spies on Ser Markus – Lady Isobel’s chief knight – leaving her chambers after a late meeting. The next day, Ser Markus escorts Jacob and Rory into the mountains to interview local hillfolk, while Sebastyan investigates the nearby town. Armen opts not to go into the mountains, and Ser Markus appoints Jos, a sworn sword, to accompany Armen wherever he goes.
Armen performs some crossbow tricks, Sebastyan finds little information about Bleak Ormond and determines the village’s mayor may have crime connections. The expedition into the mountains finds a deserted village, and no sign of hillfolk. All agree this is suspicious. The hillfolk may be massing somewhere with other tribes, or they may have been driven out by something worse.
Everyone returns to Castle Marsten, and Lady Isobel appeals for military aid in the face of a possible attack by hillfolk and/or Ironmen raiders. The group returns to Elver hall, where Trenton seems to have found his way back into his father’s good graces, and apparently won’t take the Black after all. Lord Wesley takes the advice of all and opts not to send aid to Marsten immediately, but raise the Elver armies to a state of readiness.


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