A Song of Ice, Fire, and Elvers

Session 6: The Battle of Hartshorn

Lady Isobel of House Marsten sends word to House Elver of raids upon Marsten farms. Bands of hillfolk supported by Ironborn raiders have pillaged several settlements and carried off the inhabitants into slavery or worse. Lord Wesley appoints Trenton as head of the Elver expeditionary force, and Jacob, Rory, Armen, and the new Elver Master-of-Arms are sent as part of the mission. The army consists of Elver Guard, a unit of bowmen, and the Elver engineers. The 300 man force marches to Castle Hartshorn without incident, where they plan the response to the raid. As the characters feast with Marsten nobles, Lady Isobel takes great interest in Trenton. She informs Trenton that there will be a tourney at Hartshorn castle next month, in accord with Riverlands tradition. Rory meets with Lady Gwyneth Marsten, the daughter of Lord Mikael. Rory tells Lady Gwyneth that her father still lives in exile across the sea, and that he will carry word of her to him. Armen meets Jos, the Marsten sworn sword. Jos seems to be very interested in sticking with Armen. Lord Kellan Kriegar, a Marsten bannerman, is also present. Kriegar’s forces are about a day’s march away.
The next day, Trenton leads an allied Elver/Marsten force to find the mountain pass used by the raiders. In an effort to shake Jos, Armen slips away from the army and returns to Castle Hartshorn. Upon discovering the hidden pass, Trenton decides to march the army back to Castle Hartshorn. As they begin the return journey, a force of Black Serpent mercenaries attacks. Meanwhile, back at the castle, the hillfolk and Ironborn descend from the mountains and attack the castle garrison. The Black Serpents are quickly routed with bowfire and a charge by Marsten cavalry, and the attack on Marsten castle is quickly abandoned when the returning Elver/Marsten force is spotted. Many Black Serpent prisoners are taken, and they seem particulary unenthusiastic about their alliance with the Ironborn. Black Serpent prisoners report that most of the captive farmers have been killed. That evening, Lady Isobel celebrates victory and vows to pursue the raiders to their lair in the mountains.


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